Royal Silks Equestrians has quietly been around since 1978 owned and 
operated by Ms. Cohne E. Goodwin a Cert. Class A ,N. E., 4-H, 
and Maine circuit judge, OHSA (Open Horse Show Assoc. judge), clinician and centered riding instructor as well as trainer.
In the 1980's,She expanded her training and show  programs of quality Arabian horses,to working/training/showing Quarter Horses,Morgans, and Saddlebreds as well as various other breeds. Whether training 
students/owners or horse, Cohne's focus is on creating a 
true unity between horse and its rider/handler ... achieving that 
"one with your horse" look is always her goal.
Cohne moved her smaller operation from Brunswick to Topsham in 2010 to a larger facility with an indoor w/heated viewing room, a bath with 
a shower and a laundry room. For boarders we have 17 box stalls 
with miles of trails to ride, and 21 acres of pastures and 
paddocks for grazing.
RSEC is located at 334 Augusta Rd. Rt. 201 in Topsham, Maine just 
minutes from I -95.We feed Blue seal feeds as well as good
quality hay three times pr/day.
Call Cohne for appointments and personalized  quotes for our services. 
Open M-Saturday 10am to 6pm for lessons/students, but boarders have 
unlimited access to ride times, however barn lock-up is at 9pm.